142 mill sp char for sale

WTS my main character, so IM FOR SALE:

- Positive sec status
- Located in High Sec (Jita 4-4)
- 1x Clones with training implants
- 1x Clones with FULL HG CRYSTAL
- No killrights
- Currently in NPC corp and ready for transfer
- HS lvl 4 avaiable

Main things: Caldari titan 5, Minmatar carrier 5, all subcap (Expect black ops, marauder) lvl 5

Let me know if you are intrested,

Fly safe \o

102 bil

Still up for sale. BO 120 B






110B Boyout!

Daily Bump.

105 B Ready

110b offers good for 48 hours

111 B Ready

Mail sent ingame.

Send Isk and Name Account where to receive the char. waiting for confirmation of transfer

ISK recieved, character trasnfer initiated.