41 Mil SP Pilot - No longer for sale. Char will be recycled

WTS Myself

Ni kill rights
wallet positive
Currently in Amarr High sec
No Jump clones
Starting bid 25 Bil
B/O 40 Bil

Thank you

You need to make the required disclosures in Section C of CCP’s character sales rules that you can review here at Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Done mate

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25b to start you off

Thank you for your bid

daily bump

what would be the lowest offer you would accept for the char?

30 bil

Offer accepted.
Please send the Isk and details in an email in-game.
Thank you

Still for sale - Friday Bump

24.5b offer

sorry but the start is 25 bil


Make it 27 bil and it is yours

Bump - Monday

Sunday bumo

Last bump on this Character

23b Offer

Ty mate but for that price I will rather extract the sp an recycle the char

This char is no longer for sale… Thank you for understanding