WTS 25m SP subcap pilot

25,972,605 SP
Positive wallet balance
Positive sec status
No kill rights
No jump clones installed
Currently located in Jita 4-4

Character for sale must make the sale post. How we supposed to know you REALLY own it?

And Salvaging 2? What self respecting Brave toon doesn’t have T2 salvagers.

Is it ok if I reply with the character being sold to verify that I do indeed own it (Solomon Kaldari is my alt)? Or should I delete and re-post?

I think as long as the character for sale posts, confirming they are for sell.

Cool, I can confirm that I am for sale :slight_smile:

13.5b offer

wtb 15bil

15.5b offer

Bump, instant buyout at 20b


Hey, are you still interested?

Closed at the request of the OP.

Fly safe o7

ISD Bahamut