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As the title says I am looking to purchase some characters between 15 and 350 million SP. All character bazaar rules apply. If you have a character you are looking to sell please post with the character that you are selling to prove ownership. Your post here should include the following information:

1.) A eveskillboard link
2.) Wallet Ballance
3.) Kill Rights
4.) Jump clones / location of clones
5.) Current character location

I will in game mail the character for sale with my offer and ISK will only be sent to the character that is for sale.

Selling This Character 137Mil SP
57mil wallet balance
no kill rights
no jump clones
Character will be in Obe

Mail sent :slight_smile:

character sold but thanks

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what would be ur Price?

mail sent :slight_smile:

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here AUCTION;ENDS 17.9.2020; 8.3m SP + 505.000 unallocated SP, Caldari trader/hauler/PI, Good name, blockade runner/deep space transport, PVE´ish

0 isk wallet, no killright, MG crystal pod in Ashab. Currently in Amamake

I am no longer looking for characters

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