AUCTION;ENDS 17.9.2020; 8.3m SP + 505.000 unallocated SP, Caldari trader/hauler/PI, Good name, blockade runner/deep space transport, PVE´ish

Hauler/planetary production/trader for someone who has the use for such character.

Rosella Locke | Character

Rosella Locke: 0 ships destroyed and 4 ships lost.

Will be selling as an auction sale.
Auction will end 17.09.2020.
Character will go to the highest bidder.
Starting from 4bilj.
Please keep the min. bids in range of something reasonable like 300´ish millions.

Skill Points: 8,389,452
Unallocated: 505,530
Yearly remaps: 1
Bonus remaps: 2
Security Status: 0.0

Good name.
Only 2 deaths at killboards. (4 counting pods)
No employment history.
No positive OR negative standings.
No kill rights.
Docked at Jita.
No clones.
No implants.
No assets.
Wallet has about 1milj ISK.
5 planets in high sec with stopped planetary interaction due to alpha state and been inactive account since 2018.

4bil :slight_smile:

Hi there! 4.3b :slight_smile:

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4.6b :slight_smile:

4.9b :slight_smile:

Ends today! Europe timezone. So that makes it 20 hours to go, at 21:00 i’ll close this.

5.5B b/o

5.6b :slight_smile:

5.7B :tennis:

6 Bil


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Closes in 35 minutes. Thank you all for bidding.

Auction has ended!
This character will go for Black Leviathan.
Waiting for ISK and account information.

Just saying it isn’t 20 hours yet but ok

Oh goddmanit. Well. That happened :smile: So i should probably go back to school and do couple of math classes i guess… What can you do. I have no idea whats fair at this situation. Probably to sell it for Black Leviathan, since i already kind of ‘locked’ the auction has ended with my comment.

Also i’m an dumbass, forgot to mention that i meant Eastern European Time (EET+2) and clock is now 21:20.

I’m sorry for all the bidders who would have bid yet more!

ISK Recieved & transfer initiated

To be clear, there has been no transfer initiated. Isk and account info was sent yesterday, please provide an updated status on this forum thread.

ISK has been recieved and the transfer initiated. Can send receipt as a proof.
(Black Leviathan, the payment started working and did not give the ‘error’ anymore)

So thats good :slight_smile:

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