Flagged for delete, will be selling this character later! WTS (Offer) 8.3m SP + 505.000 unallocated SP, Caldari trader/hauler/PI, Good name, blockade runner/deep space transport, PVE´ish

Here is good hauler/planetary production/trader alt for someone who has use the use for such skills.

Give me an offer!

Skill Points: 8,389,452
Unallocated: 505,530
Yearly remaps: 1
Bonus remaps: 2
Security Status: 0.0

Good name.
Only 2 deaths at killboards. (4 counting pods)
No employment history.
No positive OR negative standings.
No kill rights.
Docked at Jita.
No clones.
No implants.
No assets.
Wallet has about 1milj ISK.
5 planets in high sec with stopped planetary interaction due to alpha state and been inactive account since 2018.

what is PW
and why even put a PW, if you intend to sell :slight_smile:

Oh you mean password? Took me a minute or two to come up with what do you mean by PW and yeah! I wasn´t sure what the password is for so i just went with thinking safe and put something to it haha.

Removing it now.

I offer 4b.

You know, i would have accepted your offer but i really honestly did not take note that there is a 20$ transfer fee!

I´m sorry i really need to take take back selling this account at the moment.
Maybe you will catch this later or find something else!

Best regards

Closed via polite request by OP.