Confirming I am for sale.

The title says it all, a great PVP Pilot!


  • Black Ops V
  • Marauders V
  • Covert Ops V
  • Heavy Assault Cruisers V
  • Electronic Attack Ships V
  • Interceptors V
  • Logistics Cruisers V
  • Recon Ships V

Located in Hi Sec
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
1 X Mid Grade Slave Jump Clone
2 X Fitted Clones
Lots of skills injected

I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.
Bid Increments of 1 Billion

Starting price: 70 Bill
Buy Out: 85 Bill

85 bil

Red Lola leads the auction at 85Bill. I will end the auction in approx. 12 hours.

Auction ends in 3 Hours, Red Lola currently winning at 85Bill

Red Lola wins the auction at 85Bill. Please send isk and account info to this character and I’ll commence transfer.

i retract. something seems fishy about this character

Ok well, your blocked from further bidding on any of my other sales.

This Character is still for sale, starting at 70 Bill. I pay the transfer as usual.

I’ll try this whole buying characters thing again, I’ll re-start you at 70

Thanks for the bid! MJ11JM Hegirin leads the auction at 70Bill.

The Character now has almost 101 million SP.

75 bil

suna gg leads the auction at 75 Bill.

Are you the same seller as this scam sale? Very similar wording/formatting which maybe coincidental.

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Completely different character different SP and no I’m not the seller of that character, Please place a bid or refrain from commenting on an honest auction!

So this doesn’t look similar to you? How do explain that?

Located in Hi Sec
Positive Wallet
2 X Fitted Clones
*** Starting price: 70 Bill**
*** Buy Out: 92 Bill or close to it.**

Located in Hi Sec
Positive Wallet
Fitted Clones
*** Starting price: 80 Bill**
*** Buy Out: 90 Bill **

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CCP Mod, please stop this person from hijacking the thread.

Oh and sorry, I will comment on a post that is suspect thank you very much. Happy if you’d like to submit a ticket to a GM and they can investigate.

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Already done, thanks for the bumps though!

suna gg leads the auction at 75 Bill

Buy out figure has been lowered to 85 Bill.

Looking for a bit more than 75. I’ll keep the auction going for a couple of more days to see what happens and then close it. If I don’t get the price I’ll keep the toon and continue to train it and may relist at a later date.