WTS 138m PvP Pilot

Located in highsec
Clones: Mid-Grade Amulet set
Positive wallet

Starting bid 85B

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90b ready

Still for sale auction ends Monday

Nvm don’t feel like waiting. Dmit Rij it’s yours for 90b if you still want please confirm with a reply and send isk and account name to Konrad Yassavi

Doubtful, he bought another character earlier xD

I’m sorry, but I already bought another character.:roll_eyes:

Still for sale.

Still for sale 85b min.

Konrad Yassavi if you change your mind I can offer 80B

85B and we can do it today


91 biil


Liza Lazair, 92b accepted please send isk and account name to Konrad Yassavi

if you can please wait a few days and then I will send 95 billion for waiting

I will wait until Sunday but I will treat the auction as still open so someone may bid higher than 95.

still for sale.

still for sale.

up it goes

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