35 Mill Corss training PvP/ Indy/ JF Pilot

Cross training PvP and Indy pilot that can fly an Ark Jump Freighter



Wallet balance: Positive

Kill rights: None

Jump clones: x3

Character location: Oimmo high sec 0.5

22Bill Buyout


I presume you are asking if i am selling this char for 22bill if so yes

i’ll send you isk and account info

ok thats fine i will log her in now

Char Sold

has this char been sold?

Curious, what did you understand from ‘Char Sold’?

i was just wondering if you could entertain an offer 23 bil?

In which case I would have raised you to 26b :smiley:

if your asking 26 that can be done


You realize this is a hypothetical auction at this point…

Char Sold

I have a special budget for characters that are already sold :wink:

you can thank me for driving the price up peace

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