35M JF/transport/rorq sitter for sale

35.4 mil sp
full set +5 plugs
2 bonus remaps
no kill rights
in jita
positive wallet
no jc
0.0 sec status
38bn b/o

I cant see that net

Thread re-opened.

Offer 26B

daily bump

I want to know what boats you can sail

Lately? Just mostly singlehanding Lasers, J22s, Rhodes 19s, etc… Spent a couple summers in college as a grinder before I moved up to trimmer when I was serious about racing. What’s that got to do with this toon?

Good afternoon, I hope I’ll be home in 7 hours ready to pick up in 38B

38b b/o

Sure thing. Online now

In game

Transfer initiated.

The isk has been sent, I see the transfer of the character, thank you.