[SOLD] 71.8m sp RORQ/CARRIER/JF pilot with plenty of good skills

I am for sale.
Pw:123 if theres one on
Had this toon a few months .

71m sp great character in no rush to sell and there is also 6.9b in assets scattered around .no ships of value just items.

NPC corp
positive sec status
positive wallet
no kill rights
+1 remap
location : jita

starting bid 60b

HIGHEST bid on 29/06/19 @ 3pm london time takes it.

68.7 mil in skillboard

71m on the toon


Let me start at 65b,and I think someone neesd a rorq may pay more.

Thank you for starting off .

70 bil

Ill take the 70b if it stands

Still interested, I’ll contact you in game to arrange the details…

online now .

send isk and account information.


Thanks, Joanna, ISK and account information has been sent!


account transfer started

thank you

Transfer confirmed, thanks!

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