(#392) The BIG Lottery - Win 7.5B ISK and MUCH more

The BIG Lottery
EVE’s Premiere Lottery - Non-Stop since May 2003

Round #392 : 2018/05/07 - 2018/05/20


  1. 3,000,000,000 ISK
  2. 2,000,000,000 ISK
  3. 1,000,000,000 ISK
  4. Multiple Pilot Training Certificate (*1)
  5. Skill Injector (*2)
  6. Stratios and Astero (*3)

(*1, *2 and *3) In-channel-participation only prizes.

(*1) Sponsored by loonitunen
(*2) Sponsored by Anataine Deva
(*3) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Win more ISK!!!
Put a “The BIG Lottery” link into your bio - Exact text!
Make sure it links to “http://BIGLottery.BIG-EVE.com
If you have it, you’ll get a 25% bio-link bonus ontop of your winnings!

To combat bots you FIRST need to prove that you are Not a Robot

Simply send an EVEmail to the character “BIG Games” with the subject “The BIG Lottery”.
It’s free to take part!

Round #392 duration

From: Monday, May 7th, 2018
To: Sunday, May 20th, 2018
Drawing: Monday, May 21st, 2018 18:00 EVE - Ingame channel “BIG Games”

Note that round #393 starts immediately after round #392 has ended.
- even if the #392 draw hasn’t actually been done yet.


Winners of Round #392 : 2018/05/07 - 2018/05/20

The list of winners are

3,000,000,000 ISK - Peresagruska
2,500,000,000 ISK - Michael Umangiar
1,250,000,000 ISK - Leviathan Taylor
Multiple Pilot Training Certificate (*1) - Strepan Dorsett
Skill Injector (*2) - Vivanor
Stratios and Asteros (*3) - Michael Umangiar

(*1, *2 and *3) In-channel-participation only prizes.

(*1) Sponsored by loonitunen
(*2) Sponsored by Anataine Deva
(*3) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Special mentions:

Michael Umangiar - For making his 10th AND 11th win
- and of course for winning twice in the same round

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Where do I have to contract item donations to? I contracted something to you about 4 weeks ago or so and you didn‘t accepted, have I made sth wrong?
And have you read my PM concerning the ESI/API switch that probably causes the page(unique characters and receipts)to not update correctly? Logging in to do the captcha works, but checking the receipt page does not.
According to the error message it still uses Crest.
And are tickets still in the draw despite they not show up on the site?

And what about making the Captcha the way to get tickets instead of having to send an evemail after having verified your characters? You have to select your characters already there.

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Sent in-game mail to register and get ticket…after doing the “Not a Robot” piece on the site…now when I try to go to the ‘receipt’ page I get this, after logging in:

Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
**Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. **

Exception Details: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

**Source Error: **

An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

**Stack Trace: **

[WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.]
** System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() +8420880**
** BIGLottery.Crest.getCrestData(HttpWebRequest request) in C:\Projects\BIG Lottery\BIG Lottery\code\Crest.cs:62**
** BIGLottery.callback.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Projects\BIG Lottery\BIG Lottery\callback.aspx.cs:38**
** System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() +71**
** System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +3178**

Same message for me, tried with different characters, all the same. Doing the Not a Robot works, sending mail also, but checking does not

Looks like the draw is delayed for two weeks

Are the tickets I created this rounds also vaild for 393 or do I need to make again tickets for this round?

Didn’t CCP ban gambling with Eve Online ISK and assets over a year ago? Or did I miss something?

As I said in several other BIG Lottery posts, giveaways are still allowed, and thus not banned.

Round #392 is closed, the winner will be drawn in two weeks together with the winner of round #393, which is currently running.

For #393 you have to make a new ticket.

ok thx, but are tickets still added to the draw even though they don‘t show up on the site and the receipt page not working?

Oh ok. Looks like I the missed the part of the post that said it was free to take part in. My bad.

So long as I’m not require to give up some currency to participate in then it should be good.

Yes, your tickets get added.

The receipt page needs some love, but it’s independent from the rest as far as I know. So I wouldn’t be worried about it.

ok nice

best thing would still be to remove the evemail part. Just do the not a robot captcha and you‘re in. Still find it strange that we still need to send evemails. You have to select your characters already when logging in. This would be independent from the eve ESI, allows to get tickets 100% out of the game and still prevents people from using ISBoxer etc to participate.

again delayed :frowning:

do we already know the winners of the round, as the draw seem to have taken place yesterday?

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We knew the winner before the draw even took place.

Gambling in Eve is a no-no. CCP literally cannot permit this. Scamming, on the other hand…

As I wrote above, this isn‘t gambling like CCP banned years ago. You simply proof your characters on the site and then send eve mails. As long as you dont have to pay isk or in game assets, everything is fine.

Ahh, results of the draw would be interesting for me as well

I have the names, but it isn’t my part to announce them. Hmm…

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