(#395) The BIG Lottery - Win 7.5B ISK and MUCH more

The BIG Lottery
EVE’s Premiere Lottery - Non-Stop since May 2003

Round #395 : 2018/06/18 - 2018/07/01


  • 3,000,000,000 ISK
  • 2,000,000,000 ISK
  • 1,000,000,000 ISK
  • Stratios and Asteros (*1)

(*1, *2 and *3) In-channel-participation only prizes.

(*1) Sponsored by Anataine Deva
(*2) Sponsored by loonitunen
(*3) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Win more ISK!!!
Put a “The BIG Lottery” link into your bio - Exact text!
Make sure it links to “http://BIGLottery.BIG-EVE.com
If you have it, you’ll get a 25% bio-link bonus on top of your winnings!

To combat bots you FIRST need to prove that you are Not a Robot

Simply send an EVEmail to the character “BIG Games” with the subject “The BIG Lottery”.
It’s free to take part!

Round #395 duration

- Monday, June 18th, 2018
- Sunday, July 1st, 2018
- Monday, July 2nd, 2018 18:00 EVE - Ingame channel “BIG Games”

Note that round #396 starts immediately after round #395 has ended.
- it doesn’t wait for the draw of round #395

Winners of Round #395 : 2018/06/18 - 2018/07/01

The list of winners are

3,750,000,000 ISK - Caroline Johnson
2,500,000,000 ISK - Melamori Frei
1,250,000,000 ISK - Cheryl Knute
Stratios and Asteros (*1) - Gula bilen

(*1) In-channel-participation only prize.

(*1) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Special mentions:
Cheryl Knute - For making her 2nd win
Gula bilen - For making his 2nd win

How do you get money doing this ?

from donations as far I know

7B donations each week? damn

Err no - 100M ISK - 300M ISK donations per round
Have a look at the Lottery Winners page - It also have the donations listed.

Rest is from my own pocket :slight_smile: (While it lasts)

Hi there

First of all thx for the prize in round 392.

I did the not a robot thing and sent the mail just I did before. I noticed that my ticket wasn‘t added on the site. The client was lagging like hell, so I thought it was due to that. In the evening I then did the captcha again and sent another mail. Still not added. The times were 8:44 and 17:47 Eve time. Also when checking the receipt page I get a strange error message. At the 2nd attempt I used the Neocom mobile app as I did it at work.

Have I done everything correctly? Prooved the character first and then send mail?

Ohh yeah true :wink:

Your website is broken… I’m getting a .Net error when I try to view it.

he’s off with the ISK … welcome to EVE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fixing the receipt page, I had to move it to EVE ESI (it was using EVE Crest), in so doing I used the opportunity to Betterize the code in general.

This again meant I had to update the .NET framework on the server - And that went horribly wrong for some reason - This was a bit past midnight… I gave up fixing it 1.5 hours later. Had work next day…

Friday - Had a party in the evening - So no fixing done there either.

Saturday - Finally got around to repairing the borked .Net install etc - So things ought to be working now.


You do realize it’s free to take part - No one is paying any ISK I could “be off with” :slight_smile:

And what caused my ticket to not appear on the receipts page? Tried twice and no update on site…

Same… went through the Robot check again, waited like 10 min, and then sent the email again. Still no receipt.

I got my ticket (#26) today without any trouble.

Btw. it takes some time until your ticket appears on the lottery list page. It updates once or twice per hour.

How many different chars did you try with…?

I’ve checked the DB - You’re there.
With my “dev receipt page” you also show up - so???

Sorry, not this character specifically. Some of my alts registered, and a couple did not. They all worked with the Robot check, and the evemails are in their sent folders. I’ll go double check to see if they’ve been added to the Receipts since last I checked.

EDIT: confirmed 2x alts are not showing up for Receipts.

You know why??? Because people ruined the entire draw. There were litteraly people that registerd with 400 alts only made to just send tickets to win the prizes. Some things have been done against it and this is why you can not and will not be able to use your 300 alts to win the isk. Even a few alts would ruin it because in the end we would have 600 tickets aswell for just under 30 ppl. If you only had 1 account there would be no way of winning.

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just this one

and the captcha was originally introduced to stop isboxer etc which is against the EULA. Rules of the draw dont prohibit multiple chars.
And how can you know if someone uses multiple alts?