3x 09 toons for sale

WTS my 3 2009 characters.
Low SP and no previous corps.

//Reply with offers//



Minmatar character
No jump clones
No kill rights
Isk - 86,600
SP - 70,160
Location - Ryddinjorn

Gallente Character
No jump clones
No kill rights
Isk - 216,404
SP - 113,500
Location - Cistuvaert

Caldari Character
No jump clones
No kill rights
Isk - 3,650
Skills - 56,489
Location - Kisogo


Third toons eveskillbord

3rd link dont work.
Please read character bazaar rules, your post missing basic data.
Last thing - according to character bazaar rules seller must pay for the transfer

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All fixed I hope. First time selling toons since I just found these 3.

All toons should confirm in sale thread that they are for sale.
All rules can be found here Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Any expectation to the price?

As of right now no expectations and Iā€™m happy to take offers. I will be able to confirm those accounts shortly.

Minmatar pilot for sale.

Gallente Pilot

Caldari Pilot




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