SOLD 21.5m 2009 JF/Freighter pilot


Hauling skills:

  • Caldari Industrial 5
  • Caldari Freighter 4
  • Jump Freighters 3
  • Jump Drive Operation 5, Jump Drive Calibration 5, Jump Fuel Conservation 4
  • Transport Ships 3
  • Cloaking 4 for Blockade Runners and scouting / scanning.

PVP/PVE fun:

  • Cynosural Field Theory 5 and Astrometrics 5 for Black Ops hunting and drops.
  • Gallente Cruiser 5 and
  • 3m SP in Drones for Gila / Stratios / VNI / Proteus shenanigans.
  • Good scanning skills.
  • Good support skills all around.

Nice L4/L5 mission carebear standings:

  • Minmatar Republic 9.71 + RSS 7.4 + Brutor Tribe 8.5 + Republic Fleet 6.9
  • Gallente Federation 8.4

Also included:

  • Cool name.
  • +4 Implant clone.
  • Positive isk/sec status/no kill rights, no random assets.
  • Remap available.

This is a repurposed PVP character. She has participated in AT, and has had a lot of fun over the years. Give her a new, happy home.

Start bid 18b
23b BO

link to the caracter skill?

Added, thank you for reminding:

15,5 bill now?

I offer 16 bil.

Start bid is 18 bil+. I can get more isk just extracting SP.
I sent you a mail ingame regarding the other character.

18 right here

Throw me 2 more bil for the:
mission rep,
cool name

and we’ll call it a deal.

I am in work, can give u 20b for the Toon in Six hours.

I am available and with 20b on hand for the pilot.

Alredy sent the isk 20b and the account name

I am very sleepy now, if you dont sell to me return the isk. I will be afk. Please answer the thread when you do the transfer

Thank you, ISK received, transfer initiated.

Thanks for the trade, fly safe but not too safe.

Pilot received

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