4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

You know people buy rare clothes for billions in this game right? We value AT ships not because they are OP but they are ultra rare/unique.

In other videogames people pay hundreds/thousands for a HAT/Gun

Humble yourself that OP is that rich and connected to build this collection.

Anyways Bump for OP. On the sale. :sweat_smile:

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how much for the
and all POS mod bps

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he aint selling separately. Sorry bud

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“He aint selling” will do. No need for the “separately”
It´s a hell of a show off, that´s what this thread is about, a show off… great one btw
before you say anything, yeah, i wish i had this collection, gratz on that :ok_hand:

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The things are not what you think my friend.
I really want to sell them and use the money to buy Apocalypse Imperial Issue.

The reason I don’t want to sell them individually is because, they’ve taken me a few years to collect and I don’t want to take them apart. at least i don’t want to do that myself

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Still working on perfecting the collection~

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are you missing a true sansha light missile launcher in the collection ?

got one from old days role play vs gms and what not…

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Yes, I need them, would you like to sell them?

only have 1 light atm , poke me ingame and we can try to hash out a deal

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Ok i have sent the email~


Further refine the collection of this series~

321 messages so far… what’s the status of this collection?

They are still waiting for a new collector~

I assume you are not interested in selling the True Sansha Tower Blueprints alone?

Yeah. i don’t want to sell it separately
But i have some spare other BPC that i can sell~

Damn thats a shame. Would love to put an offer in for a few components of it but it seems this is just going to become a relic post and never sell. Thank you for your time and i pray you change your mind sometime before you quit the game

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would buy the fiend possibly, if you are willing to seperate

Thanks for your understanding ~~

Please stay tuned, I’ll post here if I sell it separately~

I hope you never have to break this apart. It’s one of the most impressive collections I’ve seen in my life!