4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

I assume you are not interested in selling the True Sansha Tower Blueprints alone?

Yeah. i don’t want to sell it separately
But i have some spare other BPC that i can sell~

Damn thats a shame. Would love to put an offer in for a few components of it but it seems this is just going to become a relic post and never sell. Thank you for your time and i pray you change your mind sometime before you quit the game

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would buy the fiend possibly, if you are willing to seperate

Thanks for your understanding ~~

Please stay tuned, I’ll post here if I sell it separately~

I hope you never have to break this apart. It’s one of the most impressive collections I’ve seen in my life!


I also don’t want to split them.
I think there’s a good chance I’ll keep them until the server shuts down~

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yeah its a shame the post was made as a sale cause that just seems to be bait for those interested in some of it and not all of it due to the sheer mass of it. so we will probably see this all be wasted in a hangar sadly. Beautiful collection but never should have been listed for sale


All because I wanted a Apocalypse imperial issue so badly~

same XD

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I’m not unconvinced it’s a troll post and all the items are on sisi

Oh so a legit sale but on sisi! Interesting!!

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most of these items are still ■■■■■■ to obtain on the test server and i dont know why you would go to the effort

understood thanks

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Bumping this epic thread

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revenant how much

he’s not selling separately.

Entire package deal. All or nothin

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I have things to help with your collection. Please mail me

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Check your mail, my friend~