4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

I remember you have some rare collections of Sansha, are you whant to sell them?

Maybe you should stack more items into azariel cargo and then it might sell. Add some value to it you know

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Yeah.I’m constantly refining this collection and every once in a while, something is added to it

Maybe ask CCP to stuff the revenant into Azariel, that will make it look more cool

I will buy this fine collection for the stated 10b please.

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It’s okay, I put 2 Revenant BPC in it

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Now this is pod racing.

You are correct. This collection will never sell in its current capacity.

If you really want to sell your collection for isk, then the way to do it is have the collection hold 1 of every item and then sell off all other excess items.

The collection of 1 of every Sansha item will still be an impressive collection and fetch a fair price, but in its current state of having numerous of everything, no one in their right mind is going to buy it for 5T let alone 10T

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Ho. Ly. Sh. It.

You Madame i will remember the rest of my time with Eve.
This post is nuts.


Yes i do have some items and a couple of what you and your alts have been posting to buy but no i do not wish to sell.


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After so many years, you still haven’t changed.

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“War. War never changes”



If do u have

  1. Homemade sansha beacon,
  2. Abufyr Joek’s head
    how much are you willing to sell for?

Sorry, my friend.
I don’t have extra of these two for the time being.

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Very strange, why there is such a large capacity?155,664.2m3

not worth more than 1 tril

Can you tell me your theoretical basis?


So the guy who complains that people are ‘trolling’ his Azariel sell post with too low offers and their explanations now goes trolling into the thread of the ONE guy that defended him. The circle is complete.


Is there a condition under which you agree to sell “heads”
Homemade sansha beacon,
Abufyr Joek’s head ?