403 Forbidden Issue

I noticed an interesting issue, and maybe I just missed reading something or someone can help me out with this problem.

Say I wanted to go through corp members assets. I pull assets for corp member, no issues everything goes as planned. Then I go to get assets from corp member 2. Suddenly, 403 Forbidden. I tested this with two of my own characters to make sure I had them both authorized to get the info. The second always had 403 Forbidden.

Any clues?

I assume you have tokens for corp member 2 that has the assets scope?

already mentioned this.

What is the error associated with the 403? In the response body.


For one thing you should use the host https://esi.evetech.net, that one is deprecated and just routes to this one.

But i think that screenshot is missing the actual response body message, for example:


Unless im just misreading it and the error message is actually just Forbidden

Suddenly without making changes, I can get through a bunch of characters before it goes to …


It’s like its rate-limiting me…

Going to try removing the depreciated url and see if thats it.

Thats all I get back from the error.

Also try doing the request in Postman or cURL or something and see if it works there. Would at least rule out some other issue.

Changing URL didn’t do anything. Need to sleep, so troubleshooting will resume over the weekend.

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