ESI 401 Not Authorised

I am having an issue with the corporation industry job end point. I am using the C sharp http client and it returns 401 unauthorised when calling the corporation industry jobs end point.

I have used the same token and got results using the postman application so it must be something to do with the way it is constructing the request. However the rest of my calls work fine.

Any help would be appreciated thanks

I found it after 5 hours of looking through stuff, it took fiddler to show me that i was missing a slash before the parameters in the url which was causing it to double up the request and in doing so remove the auth header. Postman must correct the lack of slash before it sends it.

Who knew, god bless software development.

Hopefully my struggles will help others.

alwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysALWAYSALWAYS use a trailing / in the endpoint url. Otherwise (if I’m remember the slack convo correctly) it results in a redirect of the request.

Your struggles have indeed helped me. You just saved my life and my sanity. Thank you kindly, sir.

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