41m sp perfect orca pilot for sale


0 killrights, positive wallet, 0/2 jump clones, +5 implants, npc corp, Highsec.

Asking for 41b obo.

High Industry skills, Reprocessing skills and research skills , perfect Orca skills, minmatar carrier skill book learned, basic rorqual skills learned, cap industrial skill book learned.
Cybernetics 5, perfect mining boost skills.

30b offer

Will initiate transfer when isk and info is sent.

You are not allowed to contact Phoenix 47.


ISK Sent tho

Apologies. not sure how you got blocked, as today is the first time I remember seeing your name. Unblocked and waiting for info.

Info sent ty :heart:

Will initiate transfer after Vatessali is done. Apparently I can’t do both at once.

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