420 Enterprises AUTZ NullSec!

Hey All !!

You want New game content WE HAVE THE CONTENT !! PvP action non stop !! (from 6pm till midnight Mon to Fri weekends depends on consumption)

Moons Moons Moons you want to make the dank iskies we have the moons if you have the mining ships.

Capital warfare is your thing ? We are a member of Tactical Supremacy sooo Titans, Supers, Dreads !! Carriers you want it we fight it. Sub cap and small gang nearly everyday.

BLOPS … Super secret group

Hi sec Ganking its just Fun

If you want action WE HAVE THE ACTION !! You wanna chill cant make it daily(Family) like scanning ratting WH diving man we do it all.

What we pref you to have

  • A fun attitude so if we all die in a ball of fire no getting cranky cause we all love dying in great balls of fire !!

  • A drive to grow your character in game

  • Min 10 mil Skill points ( shows us you are committed to having a go)

  • A fun attitude !! Dont be an angry douch

If you would like to “Have fun” Join the 420 Enterprises recruitment Channel today and get ready to play EvE like you have never played it before

Now time for the Sick Vids made by our very own Blitz


Capital warfare

JJustcruisen Mastery

Errrr Fit your ships properly

Race against the clock on Titan Kill

Like i said are you ready for a new EVE experience ? Join 420 Enterprises and Tactical Supremacy today.

I endorse this message

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Junior FC’s welcome too.
Tactical Destruction Cinematic Trailer

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