🇦🇺 AUTZ 420 Enterprises - NullSec Mining/PVP/PVE - Newbies Welcome

(BluOrange) #1

Welcome to 420 Enterprises.

Do you want to be a part of the fights that Eve is famous for but not be in an anal powerbloc?

We are here to have fun and we find fun mostly in PvP.

We are a part of one of the most powerful, indepdenent Australian Alliances in the game and if you can fly T2 cruisers, capitals and other fun toys, get in touch now!

Application requirements:

  1. Prefer Aussies but like all you other people too.
  2. Have a minimum of 10million SP
  3. You must be able to have a laugh, even if it’s at your expense of your expensive loss. We don’t care. We don’t killboard Nazi.
  4. Have mumble and a working headset
  5. Have a family, a life, have kids, have a job. We do too and understand your real life requirements
  6. Have a drive for growth and team-work.

We create content. We mostly follow NBSI but mistakes have been made.

Join us now on our 420enterprises. Recruitment Channel :sunglasses:

(Malcorath Sacerdos) #2

0/ 420! nice to see you still here give doggfather a wave from me.
I used to fly with these guys back in the day good group! good times!

(BluOrange) #3

Hi Mal

Dog found a happy life with a partner and child and rescinded his roles to Lezzera. Hope one day he returns to have more fun


(system) #4

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