AUTZ PvP is Waiting for You!

420 Enterprises are recruiting.

Are you in a big Alliance and just want to chill n’ do some PvP? You always on a CTA when you just want kills? You’re old skool PvP bro just coming back to game? Well… 420 Enterprises are recruiting.

You want PvP content WE MAKE IT!! PvP is the central focus of 420 Enterprises… and having fun. From 5pm EST till midnight Mon to Fri and all time on the weekend we’re active. We’re pretty much full AUTZ with some NZ bros as well.

If you want action WE HAVE THE ACTION!! You wanna chill, can’t make it daily(Family), like scanning, ratting, WH diving?? dudes it’s cool… We like our guys to be on Discord and be able to have a conversation but R/L always comes first with us.

What do we do?

  • Small gang PvP - check!
  • Gate camps - check!
  • Pochven Space - check!
  • BLOPS - shhhhhhhh!
  • Encourage Solo PvP - check!
  • High sec ganking - check!
  • Ratting to get space rich - check!
  • Yolo capitals at unsuspecting pilots - check!
  • Make dank videos of what we do - check!

What you need

  • A fun attitude so if we all die in a ball of fire there’s no getting cranky cause we all love dying in great balls of fire!!
  • A drive to grow your character in game
  • Min 20 mil Skill points ( shows us you are committed to having a go)
  • A fun attitude !! Dont be an angry douche
  • Don’t be a spai. We have a lot of back channels and we will know…
  • Show us ya kills! if you have no real kills on your killboard we might have a problem.

If you would like to “Have fun” Join the 420 Enterprises recruitment Channel today and get ready to play EvE a different way.

Contact ingame.

Or apply by Corp ingame.

Still have questions? Watch some of our Sick Vids made by our very own Blitz
YouTube Channel

Like I said, are you ready for a new EVE experience ? Join 420 Enterprises. 420 Enterprises is a long time AUTZ PvP corp. We have made A LOT of connections throughout the game. There are not many places we won’t go, and we aren’t going away anytime soon.

See You in Space!!
420 Enterprises





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