ACTIVE AUTZ pvp corp with leadership? Gang/fleet pvp?

24mil sp player with useful 20mil alt looking for a pvp corp. 8 years experience in Eve (old characters gone).

Don’t care what kind of pvp corp just looking for an efficient group who works together, small or big I don’t mind.

Doesn’t have to be aussies, just have content in the timezone from the hours before and until after downtime or there-abouts.


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Consider joining Aideron Robotics, we have several AU guys around and they get plenty of action.

Here’s our discord if you want to inquire further:

Hi there! Our CEO is from AU and we are very stable and fun corp, old vets core, no dramas, RL first.
Say hi in our Discord or send me a in game mail if u might be interested! U can find our Discord and some info in the post bellow :smiley: o7

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thanks mate looks interesting will check it out when Eve is up again (server down, hope it’s not just me haha)

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nope… definitely not just you… lol

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gonna give one more bump

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hey mate Rust merchants are recruiting live in NS we do pvp and pve to fund our pvp small corp give me a shout ingame if your still looking.


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still looking around

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OUTLAWS OF NEW EDEN. is a motley collection of cyno-riding 'tope addicts and blops-centric content fanatics who love to pvp. We like it solo, small-gang, full fleet, subcap, capital, and we especially love it cloaky. We’re also proud members of Circle-Of-Two Here is link to our killboard.
Recruitment is Open
Join JSON ZONE to chit-chat with us! or join our discord

What we offer to members:
• Small-gang, squadron and up to coalition sized fleets.
• We provide access to a wide range of content options, as well as generate our own.
• “Get Rich” ™ Space
• An environment conducive to the pursuit of gudfights
• Active EUTZ/USTZ Corp in a round-the-clock active Alliance.

What we ask of members:
• Active involvement in Corp and Alliance Ops
• Maintain a combat-focused skillplan, with special attention to Covops/Blops
• Working mic and ability to be on comms
• Enjoy yourself & blow up internet spaceships!!

• Minimum sp - Variable. Attitude and willingness to learn/grow are more important, though much of what we do may not suit the average newbros.
• Full API available for application process which you can take care of here
• TS3 interview

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check us out
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actually still looking

If your interested in null sec we are and active alliance in wicked creek with constant access to pvp, over and mining. Our AU population is growing and we need both line members and leadership. We have an active discord, and lots of perks.
Our coalition just participated in the second largest battle in eve history and we aren’t done yet.

Join the Sith Navy today!

Hey mate

I’m the AUTZ Director of Total Mayhem. We’re a PVP-focused small gang corp with the entire cluster (except Pandemic Legion, who you can eventually join if you fly with us) set neutral. We’re pushing ourselves to get better at all sorts of PVP and we have access to Pandemic Legion members and some pretty experienced guys in corp to get more efficient as you said. Come join our public discord if you want to know more:

Or check out our thread here:

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