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AUTZ PVP –Wormhole PvP Corporation - EXIT STRATEGY

Exit Strategy is looking for keen new members to join us in the pursuit of dank kill mails.

Old or new players are welcome. We are a primarily AUTZ member base but other time zones will be welcomed on a case by case basis.

The facts:

We are a PVP corp that focuses on WH and Nullsec content.

PVP comes first, except for real life.

WE live in a wormhole where you’ll be expected to base yourself.

We use Discord as our primary forms of communication.

Our Focus is AUTZ (0800-1400 Eve Time), of course things happen outside of these hours aswell.

We are looking for:

Motivated members that share our goals

The ability to fly doctrine ships and if not then focus on training into them

Attend fleets (where Real life permits)

A willingness to help out other corporation and/or alliance members

Ability to follow an FC and assist the fleet

A willingness to find or create content

The ability to scan out chains (we can teach you if you can’t)

What we offer:

A wealth of knowledge and experience on most parts of the game.

Regular PvP fleets

The room to solo or small gang hunt

Variety of opportunities to help fund your PVP

A great bunch of Eve players that get along really well.

Relaxed bunch you AUTZ players (and yes, Kiwis)

You will be required to have a working mic and able to use Mumble and Discord.

If you want to know more join our public channel in game ‘Exit-Strat Public’, and have a chat with one of our recruiters.

Remember: “Always have an Exit Strategy…”


Wanna see some of the stuff we do?

Here are some videos that I’ll try and keep updated :smiley: - this should start you off, an eviction - EXIT STRAT, the WH AUSSIE CAVALRY - some pew - Rorq killing - Goku v Initiative - 1 super and 13 Rorqs?


joining up with these guys was the BEST thing i ever did in eve…

sooo much fun to be had!!

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

^love these guys

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We made eve news on the weekend - COME BE PART OF THE AUSSIE WH CAVALRY (link in my first post)

Sephie threatened to mute me on comms permanently if I didn’t bump this, bump

Great guys great friends great scrubs always epic pvp if you like serious pvp with a side of funny the look no further exit is such the place

Been having a great time in this corp since we jumped into J all those years ago

let’s be real for a moment, if you’re in AUTZ, you can’t really choose. Why not just join us?

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while the server is down… read this post :slight_smile:


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Great bunch to fly with that is if you like killing stuff and listening to Punthers terrible Puns.

Come and join the Ozzies and our cannonfodder comrades the Kiwis.