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G’Day, if you’ve clicked here you might just be interested in Aussie/Kiwi Wormhole PvP. EXIT Strategy is the executor of the largest AUTZ WH Alliance, EXIT STRATEGY… If you want to Wormhole in the Aussie/Kiwi Timezone (0600-1400 Eve Time) then this is the Corporation for you.

What do we do?

PvP - First and foremost EXIT is a PvP Corporation. We use WHs to interact with our enemy

PvE - Sure we know people need to make isk, and we help cater for that.

Have a good time in eve in your timezone.

Put real-life first, low drama - we enjoy playing Eve.

What can we offer?

We make efforts to accommodate all types of players.

Quality PvP - We have strong doctrine fleets, with competent FCs and fleet members. Our killboard clearly articulates that PvP is varied, regular and successful.

A Wormhole home. Access to regular PvP Content and High Class Wormhole PvE.

Strong Planetary Interaction and some Industrial stuff, if that tickles your biscuits.

An ‘online home’ (Comms - Discord primarily). We have a great bunch of people regularly online that you can chill with.

Small Gang PvP - High End WH PvP

Mentoring. Newbros can find a place with us, where we can help mentor your development.

What do we want?

A player who is willing to PvP

Low drama

Active, on comms, presence. Ability to access comms in non-negotiable

Skill points or the desire to train into our various doctrines (Low skill point options exist for all doctrines)

An ability to scan

Pants optional

What do you do from here?

Join the Exit Strategy Public Channel (In-game) - Exit-Strat Public

Pop a ‘o7’ and speak to the lads/ladies, they will get you in touch with one of the recruiters.

Be ready to assist with ESI submissions and a quick chat on comms when your schedule suits

Then dive on in!

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I like playing with holes, but wouldn’t want to live in one :stuck_out_tongue:

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