AUTZ Wormhole corp seeking Keen new members

(Kenon Inkunen) #1

Are you an aussie timezone player who likes getting kill marks all over your ships and filling your wallet with isk? ??

Exit strategy has a passion for training new players whilst killing carbears throughout eve. Our goal is to provide content and excitement to all of its corp members

We are an established wormhole PVP corp in AUTZ with something always going on.
We live in a C2 with a null c6 statics
We offer regular PVP events
Rage rolling , low and null sec roams
Group site nights so make your wallet fat
A great fun welcoming environment

We are looking for eager pilots to join us
Low SP or no PVP experience. That’s not a problem we all started somewhere.
The only requirement we have is that you are active in our time zone because it’s not fun to be the only one online

Join our public channel today and have a chat to a recruiter . i am sure there is a place for you

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Bump…for these fine folks !!

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