AUTZ - Wormholes - Exit-Strategy


Ready to dive into the heart-pounding world of AUTZ wormhole action?

:x: Exit Strategy :x: is calling all thrill-seekers to join our ranks and chase those adrenaline-pumping kill mails!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or someone that’s never been into wormholes, there’s a spot for you in our ranks. We’re all about that PvP life, living on the edge of wormhole and nullsec space.

We are an AUTZ corp but players from other timezones will be considered.

Here’s the scoop:

:rocket: PvP is our passion, but real life comes first (always).
:milky_way: We’re based in wormhole space.
:speech_balloon: Discord is our command center for all things communication.
:alarm_clock: While AUTZ is our prime time (0800-1400 Eve Time), the fun doesn’t end there!

We’re on the lookout for:

:fire: Motivated players who share our thirst for victory.
:ship: Pilots ready to fly our doctrine ships (or train into them ASAP) - Bonus points if you already have two or more of the racial Cruiser skills to level 5!
:dart: Fleet attendance (when life permits, of course).
:handshake: Willingness to lend a hand to fellow corp/alliance members.
:man_pilot: Ability to follow FC orders and contribute to the success of the fleet.
:mag: Scanning skills to uncover hidden treasures (we’ll teach you if needed).

What’s in it for you?

:bulb: A treasure trove of knowledge and experience.
:boom: Regular PvP - Black Ops/Bomber Fleets, Null Sec roams, Wormhole Fights.
:dart: Solo or small gang opportunities for those craving independence.
:moneybag: Various opportunities to fill your coffers while having a blast.
:couple: Join a tight-knit community of EVE enthusiasts who know how to have a good time.

You can check out some of our fleets in action here! - Unchained PVP

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Swing by our in-game public channel ‘Exit-Strat Public’ or join the Discord and chat with our recruiters.

And remember: “Always have an Exit Strategy…” :door:


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