G’Day All,

You Only Worm Hole Once is part of one of Eve’s best looking AUTZ alliances (we had an internal vote OK?).

What we offer is a great aussie community to play eve in the glorious backdrop of J-Space. We pew… and sometimes we make isk aswell, but mostly pew.

What we are looking for - keen pilots capable of a little self-sufficiency and a willingness to learn.

What we offer - fights, comms with an actual community, as much learning as you can handle and well a ‘good time’ (like a happy ending but the entire way through!).

What we do? Well don’t be worried about never experiencing NullSec… we visit there quiet alot :smiley:

Come chat to us sometime in our recruitment channel YOUWHO Public




Can confirm, been with this group for a year almost now. Could not ask for a better corp. Really enjoy these guys.

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Yes siree Bob top bunch of Aussie lads



I will think of something much more exciting for the next one (but right now I’m in a fight)


In game mail sent.

The best thing about YOUWHO is the gud fites and yolo lifestyle.

Aerius R is the worst thing, but you can mute him, and turn a loss into a win!

Rood lad


Last night a pair of us went out and pew’d GREAT fun, few kills.

Loving it all.

Come see ya you’re missing :slight_smile:

Another Bump

Might be heading out for a roam tonight. Hope to see some more things on the killboard (even if it is just me :stuck_out_tongue: )


Bumpity bump!

Haven’t bumped in a while.

we made this cheeky little video a week or two back. Enjoy :slight_smile:


I know these guys!

bump <3

convo if interested

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