42nd Exploration Corps - Null Sov Recruiting


We at the 42nd Exploration Corp, are a tight little group of people who enjoy playing though the struggles this game has to offer in an active but casual manner.

When we’re not diving into things that earns us precious ISKs we’re out blowing people up or getting screwed ourselves. It matters not to us. The real reward is content. And that is what we offer to those willing to work for it.

Things we are currently into are:

Industry & Manufacture
Training/Improving ourselves

We are members of a sov holding alliance living in Tenerifis Playing in the EU and US Time zones as such all member are expected to participate in the defense of corp/alliance territory and assets.

With us you decide your own level of involvement. Tho we do expect every member to aid another when asked for and able to. Cooperation is the most powerful force in Eve, and it’s something we take serious. Also, its makes most things just that much more fun.

So what kind of player are we looking for?
Well, if the above appeals to you already you might have a good chance to fit in. But just incase I’ll elaborate a bit more.

We want players who want to have a good time with fellow corp mates, that understand that being part of a corporation/alliance means that sometimes you do something for the common good of the group instead of just for yourself. Players who want to challenge themselves at times and aren’t afraid to fail.

We use Discord as a comms tool to chat in/out of game and organise things a the corp level. The alliance uses a combination of Jabber and Mumble. Being able to get on there is a must or you’ll have a hard time keeping up with events.

New Players are also welcome to join us. We have experience in nearly every aspect of the game and we’re willing and able to share this with you if asked for. - ask about our alpha clone training program.

If you have any questions contact me ingame or join our public chanel 42ec pub

Fly Safe o7

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Im interested in having a conversation with you ingame or on some form of comms. Im 109m sp fly most subcaps. Looking for a more varied array of content rather than just elite wh pvp. I enjoy pvp but I have come from years of WH space where the demands are high and its not so straight forward to get kills.

I have been really unlucky in my choice of corporations because many of them have been mostly US tz and this really has impacted my enjoyment of the game. So if you are eu tz please get intouch. o7

Thank you For your interst

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