45.4m+ SP, 2009 subcap god/perfect fleet booster - B/O 45b

Plex sale, located in jita 4-4
-0.9 sec status
45.49m+ SP
Womens SARO ‘Black Troop’ Combat Suit
Remap Available Now. Bonus maps: 1. Mapped percep/willpower currently
positive wallet

Good standings with Sansha/Serpentis

Active Clone
Full set of +4’s
Republic Fleet Command Mindlink (+25% shield/skirm)

Vellaine V - Moon 2 - Concord Bureau
Full set of +4’s
Shield Command Mindlink (+25% shield)

eveskillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jet_Firestorm

This character has a ton, if not all, subcap skills, check eveskillboard for specifics, i’ll try to mention the ones that stand out in the post.

11.5+M SP in Fleet Support. perfect boost pilot, All 5’s except for Fleet command. Does not have spatial phenom injected, nor was it ever a miner.
12m SP in Spaceship command. Can fly a ton of subcaps, and has almost all subcap books injected.
Nearly 5m in Navigation, almost all learned skills at 5.
Decent engineering skills
4-5 in Amarr subsystems
all 5’s in Caldari subsystems
4-5 in Minmatar Subsystems
Armor skills need a bit, but still has hull upgrades/mechanics 5, repair systems 4.
All subcap shield skills at 4 or 5.
5m SP in Gunnery, has most if not all basic books here, many specialization books and precursor weapons/specs as well.
Great Missile support skills, needs specialization
Drone skills are a bit low, but are currently in queue.
All rigging skills injected.
Has crim connections/diplomacy
Cybernetics 5
Infomorph Sync 4
Bio 4
Infomorph Psych 4

a couple books at a glance, but check eveskillboard for specifics.

Command dessies
Command Ships
logi cruisers
Recon ships
Large Disintegrator Spec
Medium Disintegrator spec
Small Disintegrator Spec

B/O 45b.

dont mail me in game, just post. Taking offers gogo.

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bump, skillboard updated.


Price lowered.
Skillboard updated.
Moved to Nalvula to hop into a training clone.

Is now training into spaceship command skills after thermodynamics.


bump :slight_smile: :sunny:

omega has ran out.
Price reduced again due to this + training halted.


original post updated with all new information.

bump, great booster/pvp pilot :slight_smile:


Price reduced again.


31b offer

ty for offer. Will consider it.

32b offer

40b offer and isk is ready

Is this toon still available? 41B offer.

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