[Bought] WTB Subcap pvp char. 50b budget

Need a subcap pvp character. All races. preferably at least ¾ cruiser v skills. all frig v. preferably all t2 medium and small guns. boosting skills would be a nice bonus. cap skills are nice, but i’m not looking to spend more to get them. Send skillboards and a price.

green/red kb does not matter. history does not matter. indy/science/hauler skills do not matter. thanks!

43bil b/o

I’m not super savvy with the char market but that seems a bit high. Either way, out of my price range, and lacking basic missile skills. Not a dealbreaker, but i’ll keep looking, unless that price went down a little.

Thanks tho!



50m SP dedicated PVP alt:

  • T1 frigates / cruisers / BC / BS: all races
  • interdictors: all races
  • T2 frigates: minmatar / caldari / amarr
  • T2 cruisers: minmatar / gallente
  • S/M/L projectile turret V
  • S/M hybrid turret V
  • rocket/light/heavy missiles V
  • cyno V / astro V / anchoring V

You have a price? i’d offer 45b?

Check out my super cap pilot, thinking of selling it if the right price hits.


maxed out, literally for NYX and AEON

I might be willing to part with this guy for 35b. Able to fly all frigs and all cruisers and t2 guns and missiles for all four races for medium and small types. He is also renamable.

all set- got the char i needed. thanks.

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