WTB subcap focused PVP toon


WTB subcap pvp char with following specs:

  • subcap guns specializations at least to 4
  • Racial frigs, cruisers, battlecruises and battleships to V
  • good drone skills (T2 small, mediums, heavies)
  • Missile skills not important too much
  • Good scanning skills

No specific budget , give me the offer and we will talk.


Not bad… What is your asking price?

90B also comes with 2 HG snake 1 MG snake pod

Thanks for the offer, but lot of required skills are not there (or not trained to the required level).


85B,do you like?

Sorry wrong thread.

80B offer for this

Nah, 85 is way too much for me, 78 bil is max that I can offer

Use your own thread for offers or contact the seller directly, don’t spam mine.

Thanks for the offer, but required skills are not trained on this toon.

Thank you for your offer but I accept the 85B buyout






Hi, would you accept 83B?


133m SP
Flys Minmatar and Caldari
SubCap skills are great
Books have been injected for Dread, Carrier and Fighter skills.
Positive sec status
Located in Hek

Looking for 130b or best offer.