[CLOSED]WTB Subcap PVP ALT 80M to 100M sp

As mentioned above wtb pvp focused alt
The maximum budget is 95b.

And down below are the requirements

Can fly T3C preferably proteus>tengu=loki.
T3 destroyers not necessary.

Can fly Subcap Trigalvian ships with t2 guns is the MINIMUM requirement

Can fly Most t2 ships- heavy assault cruisers, command ships like nighthawk or sleipnir, assault frigates, etc.

Marauders best than not

Blops skills not necessary, including JDC or jumping-related navigation skills

Cyno skills not required

Good Drone , missiles and gunnery skills
Excellent navigation and engineering.

Scanning skills , production/research, trading, mining, resource harvesting, pi skills not required

Neural enhancement skills- better having than not

Share your characte(s) and i will view them basically twice a week.

Thanks a lot guys

Couldn’t use the text editor well i apologize for the inconvenience.


Most of what your after, wasn’t looking to sell just yet - just finishing Caldari Stategic Cruiser V - all Tengu / Loki Subsystems to V. Pretty much perfect missiles and drones, almost no waste. Importantly she has 2.2m free SP to spend however you like…

Thanks for sharing your character…!
The Fleet support skills are kind of higher than what I’m expecting.
Gunnery missing quite a lot, like artillery, autocannon and beam/pulse lasers.
Need trigalvian ships and guns for like wormhole Fleets.
Assault Frigates lacking, which is somewhat more important than what i think command ships are
Like you mentioned, the missiles and drones are pretty good.
Honestly speaking i can offer 65b or higher if you can train it to leshak , ikitursa, zarmazd and t2 guns further.
ISK IS Ready. thanks for your linking again. o7
Waiting for more character(s)!

Hmm the char does have Assault Frig V and only Amarr/Gall Frig V missing which you can train using less than half the free SP. I was looking for around 75B so I think I will train up and use the char a bit more (doing abyssals easily) and just do a proper sale post - I think for an all round subcap you can’t really improve on it much for that amount of SP. Anyway thanks for considering and offer, all the best with finding the right character o/

checked again you are right.
Apologies for mistaking the assault frigate skill
But missing lot of a/m/trig guns thats true
Anyway you can contact me via in-game mail or here when your character is ready for selling
75B is also acceptable.
It depends on what you train the character further, like trigalvian ships or something.
70Msp maybe not enough for an all-around subcap pvp pilot,unless it’s really quite focused.
So i will raise the minimum to 80m.

Still Waiting for more characters…!

Cool, yeah I think if you want to go Triglavian it will need a bit of training but the 2.2m free SP will certainly help. 75B is acceptable, I will eve mail you in game - to confirm I agree to sell this char to you - I will need an hour or so to transfer items to my other char, then will be ready to transfer.

75b is offered for the future and it’s the upper limit, not my current offer. It also depends on the extra skills you have trained. Not for now i have to make it clear. 2M free sp also helps, but not that great help.
Sorry for my poor English. But currently your character i can’t offer 75B for it.
And the average price is around 0.8-0.9b per 1M sp
I can go 1b per 1M sp for focused skills, but not for the extra Fleet support skills. Not to mention the lacking of A/M/Trig guns.

Waiting for more character links…!

OK no worries, sorry for misunderstanding, I’ll probably just make a sale post once char is ready for sale - I have been around the Character Bazaar for a while and subcap pilots around this SP tend to sell pretty quickly.





Viewed your character.
Have to inform that there’s no need for capital ships like nyx or hel
Also, need leshak skill. Anyway, lot of thanks for your linking.
Still waiting for more characters!


How much is this? I might be interested if the price is right.