[CLOSED] WTB 50M to 100M subcap pilot, Ishtar & missile skills preferred

WTB 50M to 100M subcap pilot, Ishtar & missile skills preferred. Offer me whatever you have.

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Correctet Thread Title from WTS zu WTB.

I have merged your both nearly identical Threads into one.

Bump, still buying

Still buying. SP doesn’t need to be exactly 50M, I can accept a wider range.

Bump. isk ready

I have a 49m with missile skill and yst skill

can you send the quantum link?

SkillQ.net - Home

I can’t see this. When I click the click I don’t see your character.

And how much is it?

You tell me a price first, and I’ll see if it’s suitable

I haven’t seen your character yet. Can you send a quantum link? I cannot see your character from the link you shared.

The typical trade price nowadays is 0.8b for each million sp. If the skills allocations are perfect I can add a few billion. But again I have to see your character first.

SkillQ.net - cold little

SkillQ.net - Fine-x

I cannot see it. It tells me “not your character to view”. Can you send a quantum link? For example, a link like this. Quantum Anomaly

cold little Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

Fine-x Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

That’s a decent account. Thanks for offering. It mostly fits my requirements except I don’t need the mining skills. I will pay 42b for it.