{BOUGHT} WTB 100-200m SP Subcap PvP char

Send me your qsna links + how much you would like for the char.
The more focused the tune the more isk/sp Im willing to spend.


Will let him go for 140B

Thanks for the offer,
Unfortunately, your toon has a lot of capital and indie skills that I would have to extract. For 140bil its a bit too much.
I will keep you in mind but I will be looking for other offers.

Not my toon but saw this one just now

Wts mil 182 Tactical Destroyers Sup cap Black Ops - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

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Bump. Still looking


Still looking

Thanks for the offer,
It’s a promising char but it has many skill gaps for what I need.
I am still considering getting it because I might be able to make it work.
How much would you want for this character?

Not to sure just yet what kinda offer are you thinking

The nummber I had in mind is 105bil. Im afraid I wouldn’t be able to go any higher because I will need to spend isk to inject some SP.

Starfoox i can offer 128b

Sue has a fair offer.
Unfortunately, there are too many skills in the wrong places, so I can’t match that.
If you 2 wish to make a deal, please do it outside of this thread.

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Still looking


Lucius VanCleef Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

I like it, would you take 93b for it?


Round up to 95bil, and you have a deal.

Deal. I will evemail the tune with transfer details. Start getting it ready for the sale plz, as soon as you are ready I will transfer isk.