Wts mil 182 Tactical Destroyers Sup cap Black Ops

-0.91 sec status
pos walelt
all rules etc
in npc corp
4 jump clone
character in Jita

starting bid: 150B
b/o: 171B

hi 145b offer

150b offer

152b offer


155b offer

156 bil

158b offer

Don’t sell your char to the slaughterhouse, they will chop it up and feed it to the dogs.
Sell it to me, and then your char will be taken into a sexy corp and used for PVP. This is the humane option.
160bil offer.

I’m a new player
Not a skilled tradesman
I bought a 70m account before
But it’s a flagship. It’s no use to me
It bothers me

Your character skills are learned very neatly
No flagship skill satisfies me
I hope you’ll consider selling it to me
161b offer

@Drone_UN Do you even have the money for this are just fing with me?
The last 2 times you backed out way sooner, at 130bil and then you said you only have a total of 110bil assets.

Just today, I sold the 1WPLEX I bought at the previous event, because the previous purchase fund was too low
I still have 4,000 plex left
Available funds 166b
Really want to buy a satisfactory role

Because of insufficient funds
Met a more satisfied character today
2.5b (500) sold my retained plex

Just to prove I’m not lying
I’m not kidding you
2024.05.11 12:32 Transaction Tax -533,412,000 ISK 111,365,119,965 ISK Sales tax paid to the SCC
2024.05.14 06:42 Contract Reward 20,000,000,000 ISK 166,555,059,965 ISK Reward for completing a contract

I don’t quite understand what your offer is 161 bil or 166

My offer is 161b
To prove to him that I wasn’t making a wild offer
I told him I had assets in 166b
If you’re willing to make a deal now
I can give you 163b
I need to set aside some funds for daily use
I look forward to your approval

I agree to 163 I am waiting for information and isk

Thank you
Wait a moment

look at my alt

The information and isk have been sent, please check