WTB 50m-80m SP Sub Cap PVP Pilot

PVP focused
All 4 factions
No need for mining/indy/hauler skills
Must have -2 standing or higher with Angel Cartel

Does this work for you? Quantum Anomaly

I do not need dread and resource processing. It would also be better if those Precursor skill points are for the old 4 factions’ skills.

I want to know how much isk you want to sell your character for

I can let it go for 50B

how about 46B


No thanks


Is 48B acceptable, thanks!

If you can be sure now, I can pay 49B, ISK is ready, do you think it’s okay?


Thanks for your interest. I wanted to sell this to buy another character. However I lost that bid so I will keep this for a bit longer. Will let you know when I found another one and ready to sell this.

Thanks, please contact me if you want to sell this character. Whenever it is, I will give you a satisfactory price. I’m still interested in your character.

Sure. Will let you know. In the meanwhile I will keep training the skills.

No problem, I’ll buy it according to 1m skill = 1b, but if you can sell it now, I can give you a price of 50.5B, if you don’t sell it now, it’s okay, I’ll wait for your news later.