1M SP=1B
maximum 100B isk
1.No capital ship skill
2.strong basic skill
3.Attributes can be reassigned
4.At least 2 ship with good skill In the following ships: Legion,Loki,
Devoter, Vindi,Lershak,Redeemer,TFI,and any Recon Ships&Command Ships

Not important:
Any other ship and weapon skill is welcomed
Had better no waste skill on industry,science and business

Sorry for that maybe cant reply timely for timezone problem
If your character cannot strictly meet the requirements, you can also contact me

daily bump

I got this guy, my plan was to do some skill extraction on him before selling:
Spiralnomad Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Currently has a +5 Clone
Annual remap ready, + 1 bonus remap.
Attributes are spread evenly minus charisma.

If I remove the resource processing, industrial command ships, exhumer, mining frigate & barge, Advance Spaceship Command, Mining Foreman & Director, he will be just over your SP (~105-107M).

Will do, I’ll keep an eye on this, he has a little bit of time left on the account so im letting it run down.

Just realized, I was wrong, he has over a month of Omega still on that account so I am going to wait.

Well,waiting for another Seller

I suggest just forget the one month Omega and I will pay 2B more
In one month toon cant improve more than 2M SP,2B is enough to compensate.
This will save both your and my time.
If you think it’s reasonable, just exctract mining skill and tell me your WTS link.

daily bump

I have this character- 65b, as theres about 1m sp in “waste”. solid boosting skills, “perfect” tfi, 2/4 command ships, etc. Let me know if interested.

I think it’s acceptable if you have enough command skill,I need a really command ship not fire ship
plz show me your skill board in tool4eve.
if command skill is enough,i will pay 65B for your 65M SP toon

Sorry,I think the command skill and gunnery basic skill is not enough
Thank you for share your skillboard

Perhaps you’d be interested in me. 60.8M SP in pvp subcap skills.

Navigation skill looks not good enough for PVP, but other skill is really nice.

I think i can accept it for 60.8B
Tell me your selling link to continue our trading.
Please use the title like"private sell" to avoid Interference from others

Done… Private sale

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