Skill farm for sale 5.5 mil sp,

I’m for sale

5.5 mil sp

remap available 30/11

2x +4 2x+5 in clone

has core skills + many science industry research skills and marauders skill book injected : if you wanted to skill me up again i’d be useful and cost effective.


plus i’m cute

make me an offer

3 bill

noted, if i don’t get a higher bid in the next 72 hours i’ll consider this.

b/o 4.5 bump

3,2B bid

4b b/o

4.2b Bid whats threehundred mil between friends, accepted, will transfer when isklets arrive

Hi. you take bid 4.2 bil?

i’d like 4.5 , but 4.2 is ok. yes i accept bid. transfer isk.

isk and info sent

will transfer now

transfered, isk recieved, enjoy your new toon!! ty

All good. Thank you :kissing_heart:

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