5.2 mill SP farm used to be Incursion Runner for sale

Selling Myself


clone with full ascendancy set

Skillbooks for Vindi Incursion Running

Ready to start as a skillfarm with Cybernetics V

Starting bid 4b

B/O at 5.5b

Been told I need to state this in the post

I’ll be paying the transfer with PLEX

Offer 4b

can you meet me hlf way at 4.8?

Ah, I would, but I just closed on another character. Soon I’ll buy another 3 for another SP farm account, if you still have this up then I will re-bid, but for now, I have to retract. Thank you, and good luck!

Thats fine, I’ll wait to see if there’s another offer that matches my criteria for sale meanwhile

I do have another 5mill char i’ll be selling as well, maybe you’d be interested in both in the near future when you make the other farm

I can do 4.8bil

offer accepted, send isk and account info, I will log on inmmediatelly and starts xfer process

Interested on the 2nd 5mio char?

isk and account info sent. let me see if I can afford another ;D

isk recieved, starting transfer within minutes

ticket has been opened

thanks for purchase, if interested on the 2nd char, use this same thread and i will post details

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