WTS 5m SP Farmer

(Vince Reaper) #1

+4s for the skills I was farming (industrial)

Mining V
Industry V
Mining Frigate V
Mining Barge V

Positive Wallet

4.5b b/o

I’ve already opened a GM ticket, and will be transferring with Plex. This does however add a delay of the GM responding to my Ticket once the deal is finalized.

(Mack Itinen) #2

3.5 b/o is my offer

(Vince Reaper) #4

I’d settle for 4b

(Vince Reaper) #5

Daily bumperoo

(Vince Reaper) #6


(Schatar Azizora) #7

4bil isk

(Harold Crane) #8

4.1 b/o

(Schatar Azizora) #9


(Harold Crane) #10

4.3b b/o

(Schatar Azizora) #11

4,5b b/o if sold now.

(Vince Reaper) #12

I’ll accept it if you are still interested, if not I’ll take harolds.

make sure you’re aware I’m using the plex transfer method with a GMs help, so the start of the transfer won’t be instant once isk is received.

(Harold Crane) #13

As mentioned in other thread, money and accoutnname has been sent.

(Vince Reaper) #14

Isk receieved, and refunded 100m extra you sent. I’ve replied to teh GM ticket (i’ll evemail you a screenshot)