45M SP - Nyx Pilot

45M SP Nyx pilot

Positive Wallet
5.0 Sec status
No kill Rights
No Jump Clones
In highsec

Gallente Carrier V
T2 Fighters
Max Skirm Links
Eros blossom skin

3bil, trash kb

Who buys characters for the KB?
You poor casual.



Metallicus 2 22B

Hey, the skillboard isnt working.
How much are you looking for?

When I get home from work I’ll throw a new link up.

Looking for no less than 30b


20 b offer

Looking for a little more


23 b offer

Make it 26 and you have a deal


Little more :wink:

23.6? ^^

I’ll cave in to 25

I’ll buy it for 25bil. I won’t be home till 7am pst though

My offer is 26b, bo offer of 27b if you accept within the next 9 hours.