WTB Nyx Pilot Low - mid SP level nothing crazy

WTB Nyx Pilot please

low sp - mid sp nothing too crazy 12-20m SP

Bare minimum of carrier to 4 and decent jump skills at least - with some what of fighters trained.

If no response here please message In Game :slight_smile:


hi there, Interested in my char? There is already a 15b offer (unpaid), I will choose the higher bidder, have a look, thanks

1.In NPC corp, docked at High Sec.;
2.no kill rights;
3.positive wallet;
4.full set of High-grade Amulet implant which worth more then 1.5b;

Ah didnt see it was 15 - But I will offer 13b as a stand for sure for now - and if the other man doesnt send isk will you accept offer? Cash is ready

emm maybe not, Although this is just a junior NYX driver, but I make sure all skill points are on the skills that should be used, and if the other client doesn’t pay, maybe I’ll create a new post to sell the character, thanks

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