[SOLD] WTS 17.6m SP Nyx pilot

1.In NPC corp and docked at Hige Sec.;
2.no kill rights;
3.positive wallet;
4.full set of High-grade Amulet implant which worth more then 1.5b;

B/O: 16B

10b offer

11B offer

I like this character.


Winning Bid: @Jenya_Vance 16 Billion please make payment as soon as you are able and then I will begin the transfer. Please send in game message with the account name you wish me to transfer too.

Isk and account info sent.

isk received, Transferring Will be completed after 8/24/2022 12:15:48 AM (server time), thanks for buying, I poured a lot of emotion into this character, I hope she can continue to soar in this starry sky in your hands!

Received. She is very cool! I’ll take good care of her.

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