WTB carrier pilot G or M 12M-20M SP

Want to bug G or M carrier pilot. The price like 12B for 16M SP. Wait for your sold reply. Thank you.

Hello, saw you posting elsewhere about my character.

I will sell for 180B

Sorry, I read it wrong. I thought the price was 1.8 billion, 23 million skill points.

too bad

I’m so sorry for read wrong.

Niniy I want to buy Niniy polit

To get their attention, you have to @Niniy not link their profile.

Thank you for your prompt.

I want to buy Niniy polit. @Niniy.I was also a member of ChuangShiQingYu before AFK.

hello there, glad to here that we have the same experience, pls give me an offer thanks

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Thank you. I give price of 15b

I can accept the price, for now I am selling some assets on my character, you can prepare the ISK first, I will reply you when the transaction is possible (within 1-2 days), we are good? thanks

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I’m ready to trade my character, here is some info about this character:
1.In ChuangShi corp(tell me if you want me to leave and enter NPC corp);
2.no kill rights;
3.positive wallet;
4.full set of High-grade Amulet implant which worth more then 1.5b;
pls send ISK to this char if you confirm to trade, I will start to transfer her after I receive the isk

To sell a char you must be in an npc corp

ok then, I will try my best to save the implant and head to JITA and enter a npc corp, it will be done before char transfer

ok now the char is docked at High Sec and in a NPC corp, pls send the ISK to start char transfer, thanks

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Sorry.I’m late.Can you give me a name to send isk account.

Can we still trade? I’m terribly sorry. I’ve been collecting isk for a few days.

I’m waiting for your reply. Thanks.

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