[SOLO]WTS 28M SP PVP character

1.in NPC corp and docked at Hige Sec.;
2.no kill rights;
3.positive wallet;
4.Amarr Cruiser V;
5.Caldari Frigate V / Destroyer V;
6.Gallente Destroyer V / Cruiser V;
7.Minmatar Frigate V / Destroyer V / Cruiser V;
8.Most of Gunnery Aid V, the rest of them IV;
9.Unallocated SP 0.7m.


You will have to leave the Corp. The char has to be in a NPC Corp for the whole selling period.

And i have moved the Post to the Correvt Forumscategory

Now the char is in the NPC corp now, thanks for reminding

I’ll get you started, 13.5b

sorry bout that i got mixed up with something earlier. thx for posting in my request earlier. can you do 17.5 Bil for the character? as you know i am looking for a second character for some pvp action and its hard to find someone to settle with. i do love the pilot. if you can, im willing to start the transfer when you are

Maybe I would like to wait another higher price, thanks.
And I have changed the buy out price to 20b.

The highest I can go is 18.5 bil. Can you meet me there?

19.5b then it’s yours, lowest sorry

I can’t do that. I’ll keep looking around for another pvp/pve pilot. Thx for the opportunity

18b usually gets 30-35m focused alt.

I agree but it’s up to the seller. If he can get away with someone buying for 20 bil then that’ll be good for him

Final offer I have. Can you meet me at 19 Bill? In the middle

Sorry for some reason I really need that 500m and as now I am selling the char so I have no other way to earn it :frowning:

No problem. Well thanks anyways. I’ll keep looking

I forgot I have 120 Plex left on my pilot. I can sell. So I can squeeze the 500. Will you accept 19.5

Accept. Plz send isk and account info to me and i will start to transfer, thanks!

Awesome. At work right now will send isk and account after DT . I get off an hour before DT

Ah ha I’m on working too, seems you are in +8 time zone too? Don’t worry, just take your time :slight_smile:

No prob. Est time zone. I work nights.

Isk and account info sent in game to pilot