I wanna sell me.

I´m a Miner and Haul for all other what they want.
But now it is time to say goodbye.

So you have the chance to buy me.
I have 51,4 Skillpoints in my head and 600T free to use.
Here you can find my Skills.

Also i sit in a +5 learing imp clone

Please make me a good over. You can reach me here or via Ingame Mail/chat.
I have no killrights or against me.
I have a positiv wallet.
I am part of a NPC Corp and i have a positv sec status

I accept all the rules of CCP the Char Bazar and so on. I will also pay for the char transfer.

and have fun to play with me.

Buy Out 32B

You will have to mention s few things more, like the Security Status, if the Char has an positive Wallet and also if there are any Killrights, then you post would be perfekt :wink:

Got Ingame offer for 22B

23b offer.

Got offer with 25b by Mail.

I would recommend requiring they post here, otherwise it looks like a straw bid.

With that I also bid 26b

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what is your price?

Buy Out is 33b


BO lowerd to 32B



27B Offer

Lets meet at 30b?

28B so far

Ok agreed, I have sent the ISK and an eve mail of the account info to transfer it to.

Thanks, in will start the Transfer after i finished Work and arrive Home.

Transfer started.

Thank you, I can confirm that I have received this character, thanks. Have fun and fly safe :slight_smile: