WTS : Sold

This Character is for sale.

This Character is not Specialized in any way. It was a Extra toon.

This Character is in high sec located in Jita.

** 7 Jump clones Available
** 2 Bonus Remaps Available
** Can Fly Dread, Heavy Assault Cruisers or Interdiction and many more

Obey all laws in eve.

→ This character will receive the isk
→ Isk Positive
→ Security Status 4.9
→ No Kill Rights
→ This Character is in a NPC Corp
→ No kill rights

Starting Bid is 45 Bil.

Buyout Bid is 62 Bil.

55B Buyout, within 2 days only

please dont mention Assets and wallet balance on post your post will be closed until edited by mods

52 bill b/o avail till I find a char

If your still interested in this toon for the 55b buyout I’ll do it

Let me know

Yes, I can offer the price of 55B, if you want, I will transfer the cash to you within 24 hours

That’s fine. I won’t be home for another 4 hrs. But yes send me eve mail name in game and when I receive the isk I’ll start the transfer

Wallet balance or at least mention of a positive balance is a must

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Email of account information recieved. Waiting for isk

The transfer has been realized

isk recieved.

Email Advised. Transfer is unavailable CCP knows will try again in few minutes

GM still says its offline and still being worked on.

I will continue to wait for 24 hours, if the role transfer service is not working, I can only cancel the transaction. sorry brother

ok. send eve mail to this account when u want to pull out. Sorry All USA is not working at all. Ive asked a friend that lives in washington and one lives in texas both said same thing. not working but living in UK time zone works well. Weird

I’d like to buy this for 62b if he’s pulling out. I’m fine with waiting for the transfer system to get fixed.

ill let you know once he does. Thanks for waiting

sounds good no problem.

same thing

Transaction canceled, please return ISK, thank you